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moving presence

An invitation for you to move or be moved. I want to offer a space for you to land in your body, in order to connect with your inner landscape and outer world. Welcome a sense of nourishment, vitality, and allow yourself to rest in your own presence.


“The authentic you, that's your presence, and it's as beautiful and wonderful as everything on earth”

Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz

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Hello, wonderful beings. My name is Katarina and I move through life as a dancer, poet, yogi, movement facilitator, massage therapist and nature lover. I worked as a dancer with the Royal Ballet of Flanders and the Netherlands Dance Theatre, where I had the oppurtunity to explore and experience a wide spectrum of movement styles. With time my interests have extended towards the realm of healing arts, and facilitating dance/movement for various target groups. I find great resonance and inspiration in the practice of Yoga, Authentic Movement, Dance improvisation, Martial Arts, Mindfulness, the power of nature and love. I am ongoingly exploring how these principles can nourish and deepen my understanding of the dance of life, and the connection with myself, with all beings and the universe.





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Katarina’s thai yoga massage is a remarkable journey into deep relaxation and suppleness within my body. She flows seamlessly from one technique into another, and with complete control, that I cannot help but relax and let go completely. The result is a whole different massage experience, creating harmony within me. With her energy she discoveres the spaces available in my joints and limbs. Highly recommended.

My experience with Katarina was extremely nourishing and helped me a lot in the path of finding my own style as an artist. We choose a time in the week and work for a couple of hours on what we talked about before.  The way she works is personal, which helped me move in a way that is true to myself. That one main reason why it was one of the best workshop I ever took.



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