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These series of lessons are an invitation to 'get in touch' with the sense of touch. It is suitable for anyone who wants to come home to their body, and is curious to explore the world of movement and bodywork. Together we familiarize ourselves with giving and receiving touch in a compassionate and playful way. Every lesson we focus on a body part or body structure, using elements of yoga, dance and simple massage exercises. 

When: biweekly starting from 14/03 (14/03, 28/03, 11/04, 2/05, 16/05, 30/05, 13/06, 27/06, 11/07)

Time: 19:00-20:30 PM

Location: Wild Horse, Nieuwkoopseweg 48A, Pijnacker

Contribution: single lesson €15, five-ride card €67.50

Registration: send an email to

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