These series of writings are reflections and echos which arose from my experiences of life; travels, being with nature, witnessing a dance performance, conversations, meditation, yoga and dance/movement practices. Writing is a sweet nourishment for my soul, a spontaneous play of words wanting to be expressed. It is allowing me to process and integrate experiences, and at times offers new perspectives and beginnings. I am happy to share these words with you from a place of intimacy.



At first there was resistance, doubts and fears
A force in my belly holding me back from experiencing the totallity of life
A deep longing arose from deep forgotten depths
A shy whisper unfolded into a loud roar
A calling to be free
A calling to come home
My mind kept playing games
Trapping me in its cage of false safety
I started cracking almonds to release them from their cage
realizing they need to be hit hard yet precise and with subtle attention
Continuously I engaged in uprooting the weeds of my mind, inviting me to rest in an open field of awareness
Then there was a turtle, showing me that home is in the heart, portable and free
I started to smell the freshness of the soil
Reminding me that the seeds of freedom are within
Even the beautiful stranger at the Church
Happily announced "you are freedom!"
Spontaniously I started to explore unknown roads
Knowing that they too will guide my way back home
The gatherings in truth encouraged me to say fully "yes" to life
I saw the trees smiling and I effortlessly smiled back
Feeling that the heart's gate is always wide open
Again and again
Welcoming me back home

Kat dans 3 (1).jpeg


The sounds of togetherness
Touch an intimite place in me
Awakening an inner dance of life
A deep sense of joy
A reason to be alive
Responding to what is
With innocense and precision
A play of give and take
Harmony and discomfort
Easing on the edges
Trusting the collective
Trusting time and space
An intimate dance of interbeing



I bow down to my pregnant self
Heart first
Head second
It is a humbling gesture
Welcoming all the possibilities
Yet to be born
I am resting in a vibrant forest
Filled with light beings
Pregnant with life
I am here alone
And all the lonelyness has ceased
In the company of wonder