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These series of writings are reflections and echos which arose from my experiences of life; travels, being with nature, witnessing a dance performance, conversations, meditation, yoga and dance/movement practices. Writing is a sweet nourishment for my soul, a spontaneous play of words wanting to be expressed. It is allowing me to process and integrate experiences, and at times offers new perspectives and beginnings. I am happy to share these words with you from a place of intimacy.

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At first there was resistance, doubts and fears
A force in my belly holding me back from experiencing the totallity of life
A deep longing arose from deep forgotten depths
A shy whisper unfolded into a loud roar
A calling to be free
A calling to come home
My mind kept playing games
Trapping me in its cage of false safety
I started cracking almonds to release them from their cage
realizing they need to be hit hard yet precise and with subtle attention
Continuously I engaged in uprooting the weeds of my mind, inviting me to rest in an open field of awareness
Then there was a turtle, showing me that home is in the heart, portable and free
I started to smell the freshness of the soil
Reminding me that the seeds of freedom are within
Even the beautiful stranger at the Church
Happily announced "you are freedom!"
Spontaniously I started to explore unknown roads
Knowing that they too will guide my way back home
The gatherings in truth encouraged me to say fully "yes" to life
I saw the trees smiling and I effortlessly smiled back
Feeling that the heart's gate is always wide open
Again and again
Welcoming me back home

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The sounds of togetherness
Touch an intimite place in me
Awakening an inner dance of life
A deep sense of joy
A reason to be alive
Responding to what is
With innocense and precision
A play of give and take
Harmony and discomfort
Easing on the edges
Trusting the collective
Trusting time and space
An intimate dance of interbeing

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transformation feels fragile
an intimate journey of uncovering
a discovery
undressing that which is worn out
that which does not serve any longer
raw and naked
again and again starting over
a fresh moment
inviting the new and offering the compost
as nourishment to the earth
to be transformed into
sweet blossom

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I bow down to my pregnant self
Heart first
Head second
It is a humbling gesture
Welcoming all the possibilities
Yet to be born
I am resting in a vibrant forest
Filled with light beings
Pregnant with life
I am here alone
And all the lonelyness has ceased
In the company of wonder

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today I went for a walk
cold rain and wind
the trees left leafless
bare to the bone
exposing their core
fearless and pure
dancing naked in the wind
roots upside down, reaching for the skies
bridging the below with the above
a reflection of reality as it is

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