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These one on one sessions are an offering for you to dive into a personalized movement journey. Together we will bring special attention to body-awareness, uncovering breathing patterns, expanding movement vocabulary, and exploring different movement qualities. I invite you to both research your personal movement patterns, reflect on your body tendencies, and encourage you to express your unique dance language and freedom of movement. I introduce elements of yoga, martial arts, dance improvisation, and fruits of my personal dance experience in order to enrich your trajectory. This session is tailor-made and focused on your needs and personal development. My approach is direct, compassionate, challenging, encouraging and playful. 

Practical information

We can move together in online sessions for 1,5 hours. It is suggested to work in a contained space, where you feel safe in order to move freely, and dive into your process in an undirsturbed way.

There is also the option to work in person for 1 hour on location at 


Online sessions

€50 for a single session 

€200 for a serie of 5 sessions 

In person session

€75 for a single session

€350 for a serie of 5 sessions

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"I'm not interested in how people move, but what moves them"

Pina Baush

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I worked with Katarina for a couple of weeks and it was truly eye opening for me. I found an awareness of my body that I’ve never experienced before. This really gave me the opportunity to find a new level of pleasure while dancing. Katarina also really helped me finding an healthy mindset in my daily work. She has a very individual approach to teaching that made me feel like I can explore dance in different directions, and absorb a lot of information in a short amount of time.


My experience with Katarina was extremely nourishing and helped me a lot in the path of finding my own style as an artist. The work shifted between focusing on a solo, and/or exploring ways to feel my body, and developing new movement paths. The way Katarina works is very human and personal, which helped me to move in a way that is true to myself. That is the main reasons why it was one of the best workshop I ever attended. The fact that we connected online was not a problem for me, once I started moving, I totally forgot.


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